StraightReach Service Helps Your Customers Reach You Quickly! It's Free.

  Show your phone menu (IVR) on your website in 3 easy steps: view demo  Play Demo

Step 1 Create and download your StraightReach phone menu file (straightreach.xml). See details
To Start, add a number by clicking on the Add Number button above or you may edit an existing StraightReach file by uploading it using the controls below.  
If you would like to edit an existing StraightReach file, select the file by clicking on the browse button below.  

To save your StraightReach phone menu file click the button below.

Step 2Place straightreach.xml and submit your URL. See details
Place your straightreach.xml file at the appropriate URL and then add that URL to our index. Returning customers can also enter the URL below to update a previously submitted URL instantly. We may also update the contents from the straightreach.xml at a previously submitted URL automatically by visiting the URL from time to time, so please make sure that the most current version of the straightreach.xml file is available at the submitted URL. Please enter your URL, e.g.

Enter the characters shown below before you submit. (Not case-sensitive)

Step 3 Embed Javascript code on your webpage. See details
1. Open the html page where you want to display the IVR tree with your favorite html editor.

2. Put the following StraightReach Header code snippet in the <head></head> segment of your page:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

3. Put the following StraightReach Menu code snippet beside a phone number:

<span>(800) 123-4567</span> <!-- this is your phone number -->
<img class="srTreeExpansionPoint" alt="Phone Menu"
   src =""  id="straightReachImg" onmouseover="srShow('(800) 123-4567', this, event); return false;" />

You can have multiple trees in your page by putting one <img.../> segment beside each phone number.
Note: You need to change the parameters of the srShow() function to your own phone number, like the above example. See Usage Guidelines.

                            Example: (800) 123-4567 Phone Menu

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